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Jackson Stewart

Another World 20th Anniversary Edition PSN !!TOP!!

This is an updated version of Another World for the 20th anniversary of the original game, five years after the updated 15th anniversary edition. It is adapted for mobile devices offering both touch controls and a virtual D-pad. The backgrounds are reworked for higher resolutions with subtler shades of light, and crisper detail and edges to the polygons and animations. It is still possible to switch to the original graphics. This version also contains remastered sound effects and three difficulty modes.

Another World 20th Anniversary Edition PSN

Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition features cross platform functionality across PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. The special edition delivers the original experience of Another World faithfully. The game features refined animations, better anti-aliasing and resolution support up to 25601600 pixels.

There are games out there, in the history of video games, which have marked big steps forward in terms of technical advancements. Classics such as Pong, Pac-Man or Donkey Kong have marked their era, each by accomplishing something special that helped move the video game format forward as a true mainstream entertainment media. Back in 1991, video games that offered a truly cinematic experience were limited to arcade machines that employed the laserdisc to output a constant stream of full-motion videos on a large disc, such as Dragon's Lair, or classic 2D games that attempted recreating realistic movements through the use of rotoscopy, the ancestor of motion-capture, as was the case with Prince of Persia. Games that offered real-time graphics to offer a truly movie-like experience, however, could not yet be considered as feasible. However, Another World, or Out of this World as it is known outside of Europe, attempted to fill that gap, through clever uses of the technology of the era. First seeing a release on the two popular micro computers of the era, the Commodore Amiga and the Atari ST, the game quickly saw ports to the SNES, Mega Drive and many other formats of the time, bringing the wowing experience to as many people as possible who will remember it to this day as being a unique and ground-breaking experience. Fast-forward to 2014 and the HD re-edition of the game released a few years back on PC for its 20th anniversary finally lands on consoles. After taking a look at the Wii U version, it is time to dive into the portable, 3DS iteration.

What else does Another World 20th Anniversary Edition bring? On home consoles the game adds HD visuals as the main centre of appeal. This, of course, isn't to be found on 3DS, as the 400 by 240 pixel screen is simply incapable of producing the same level of detail as a HDTV. This portable version does have the added new details in the scenery that the Wii U version adds, but pressing the Y button, other than making these new details disappear as the game plays in its original form, the only noticeable difference that remains could be compared to a light anti-aliasing effect. Also, much to most people's displeasure, the game offers absolutely no stereoscopic effects, which is truly a shame! This 3DS edition does feel like a quick and dirty port to the handheld as the bottom screen even remains desperately black from beginning to end, as its existence, and that of the 3D screen of the handheld, are simply ignored. The sound part has the same enhancements as the Wii U version at least, however, the ambient sound effects track of the re-mastered option does not even loop properly and produces a light "pop" sound every time it does so, which is kind of infuriating considering the price of this is the same price as the Wii U one. Saying that, the re-mastered option makes the whole experience too bland anyway compared to the SNES or, even better yet, Mega CD soundtracks, which did add to the experience, so the included option of playing with the latter soundtrack, coupled to the original sound effects should be preferred at the end of the day anyway, and those loop properly.

Plus, as part of the 20th-anniversary celebration for GTAIII, look for a cavalcade of special gear to collect in Grand Theft Auto Online throughout upcoming events this Fall, including commemorative clothing and liveries.

Which leads me on to one of the high points: Ubisoft's conference. WOW. Yeah, the dialogue they wrote for the hosts were terrible, and the opening with yet another dance game concert and yet another shooter wasn't particularly exciting. But once it got going, MAN did that conference get going. Rayman Legends is the perfect game for my group of five video game buddies to play together, and Watch_Dogs in particular was one of the best things I saw in any of the conferences. The fascinating world they built up in the demo, plus the promise of really unique multiplayer, sounds absolutely fantastic. 041b061a72


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