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Skymedi Fix 2gb Capacity

Alguna vez te preguntaste si se podría hacer que tu tarjeta de memoria de 1 GB fuera ampliada a 2 GB! de almacenamiento, parece ridículo pero es posible gracias a una pequeña pero poderosa aplicación llamada skymedi fix 2 GB capacity, la cual nos permitirá aumentar todos nuestros dispositivos USB de 1 GB a 2 GB como por arte de magia. Lo mejor de todo es que este programa se puede utilizar fácilmente, sin ser un experto en informática. Simplemente lo descargas lo instalas y manos a la obra. Ten en cuenta que sólo es compatible con dispositivos de 1 GB.

skymedi fix 2gb capacity

Es un programa que permite aumentar la capacidad de cualquier tipo de dispositivo de almacenamiento de 1gb a 2gb. Puede ser un usb, a una tarjeta externa. Con skymedi fix 2gb capacity podrás adquirir un dispositivo de almacenamiento mayor totalmente gratis, gracias a que duplica la capacidad de almacenamiento de cualquier dispositivo.

So, with nothing to lose, I pasted _installer.asp?custom= into Internet Explorer, thinking that it would at least get me some new files that might allow me to reformat the drive. I followed a few prompts and lo, the U3 Launchpad Installer software launched and restored the drive to its factory settings of 2 GB capacity formatted as FAT. It even replaced the original U3 files, making it truly good-as-new.

Description:The SK6203 is a Privacy-enhanced USB2.0 Flash Disk controller that complies with USB version2.0 specification and fully complies with USB power specifications for bus-powered devices.As USB Flash Disk capacity is getting larger, SK6203 provides an on-the-fly hardware-based AES encryption in order to secure the data stored in the USB Flash Disk.SK6203 ECC capability can correct up to 13 bits error in order to interface with 50nm NAND.As emerging of Vista, SK6203 also implements a patenting algorithm to meet ReadyBoost? requirement. Any UFD with SK6203 can easily meet 5 MB/sec throughput for random 4KB reads and 3 MB/sec throughput for random 512KB writes and market the UFD with enhancement for WindowsR ReadyBoost.SK6203 had built-in regulator and POR (power-on-reset). Moreover, SK6203 had already proven to pass FCC/CE ClassB certification without choke. It will be the biggest benefit to customer BOM cost.

Sometimes you might face some issues like Parameter Error while copying the files, this means your memory card is not successfully upgraded. Recheck it once again and confirm the upgradation. Even if your memory card is not getting that 2GB capacity, you can still exchange it for a new one with any local dealer by showing the capacity. So anyway you are not losing anything from this.


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