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Jackson Stewart

Phantasy Calradia Troop Tree

A fantasy modular total overhaul with magic, technology, items, auras, multi-projectiles, and kingdom troop trees.Complete revamp now includes fantasy races such as the Undead, Vampires, Orcs, Goblins, Drow, and Elves.1.5.4+

phantasy calradia troop tree

As for other settings, whether were talking about the Vanilla game campaign, a campaign set in another fictional universe or even one set in antiquity, where the practice of colonization was pretty common (more so than annexation), it only makes sense to replace a settlements troop tree with your own, as romans would not recruit auxiliari hoplites just like greeks would not recruit native oscan hillmen in southern Italy (excluding mercenaries, that is).

The Zann may seem unbeatable, but in fact their troop tree is weaker than the ones of the Perisnoan factions, being a Jack-of-not-even-all-trades but masters of nothing. They have 4 major weaknesses:

These are the premiere unit of the Aserai Sultanate, a country whose troop tree is almost completely composed of skirmishers and fast, light cavalry and infantry. Master Archers are the top of the Calradian food tree in terms of non-noble archers, beaten only by the rare and expensive Battanian Fian Champions. Aserai Master Archers are the backbone of any unstoppable Aserai army.

There are a number of cavalry units in the Aserai troop tree, and the reason I pick this one over them is simple. The Aserai are a faction of skirmishers, and this is the best light melee cavalry in the game. They don't seem light though; with armor ratings up to par with Imperial infantry and 200 skill in polearms, they appear to have the same build as heavies like the Vlandian Champion, but they function much differently. They are fast, deadly, and extremely capable of killing anything from a distance with their javelins. 350c69d7ab


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